Captivating Perspectives and Stunning Beauty

By Sarah Johnson

Step into the enchanting world of photographer Anastasia Ivanova through our virtual exhibition in Ruthin. Featuring a collection of her most stunning works, this exhibition showcases Ivanova’s mastery of light and composition in capturing the beauty and complexity of the world around us. From rugged landscapes of Wales to bustling streets of Tokyo, Ivanova’s images transport us to different corners of the globe and invite us to contemplate unique perspectives and experiences.

Explore Ivanova’s striking portraits of local Welsh communities and sweeping vistas of Icelandic glaciers. Discover her exploration of the relationship between food and ethics through a series of thought-provoking photographs. And be captivated by her portraits of strong, independent women and passionate artists and musicians.

Ivanova’s work is marked by its unique style, striking beauty, and ability to capture the essence of her subjects. Join us on this virtual journey of discovery and appreciation for the art of photography as we delve into the captivating and inspiring world of Anastasia Ivanova. The exhibition is currently taking place in Ruthin from January 1-31, 2023.