Exploring the Enchanting World of Vladimir Shmoylov’s Shamans

By Sarah Johnson

Portal to the Imaginary: “Exploring Welsh and World Landscapes through Visionary Art” currently taking place in Ruthin from February 1-28, 2023.

Step into the mystical world of Vladimir Shmoylov’s Shamans through our virtual exhibition in Ruthin featuring a series of posters that capture the essence of shamanic cultures from around the globe. Each poster depicts a different shaman from various parts of the world, and together they offer a glimpse into the ancient wisdom and spiritual practices of these fascinating figures.

Through Shmoylov’s vibrant and striking images, we witness the diversity of shamanic traditions and their connection to nature, spirituality, and healing. Whether it’s the eagle flight of a Navajo medicine man or the drumming of a Siberian shaman, each poster invites us to embark on a journey of discovery and introspection.